Visit The Hank Williams Boyhood Home And Museum

Hank Williams was one of the most prominent musicians to ever hail Alabama, and the impact he had on country music is undeniable. Before he ever performed at the Grand Ole Opry, Williams spent his childhood picking a secondhand guitar at his home in Georgiana. That old house is now... [read more]

Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day With Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine's Day is already one of the sweetest holidays because it's centered around love, affection, and appreciation. But the added sweetness to push it out in front of the rest of the holidays is the fact that it involves lots and lots of dessert. The main Valentine's activity is giving... [read more]

Hook’s Real Pit BBQ: Best BBQ In Town!

When you live in the South, you're going to have your fair share of barbecue. You'll go to a cookout with friends, you'll grill out in the backyard with your family, and occasionally you'll go out to eat and grab some smokey, delicious BBQ. So, for a family located in... [read more]

Take A Yoga Class In Enterprise!

Self-care. We see the term plastered all over the pages of our favorite influencers, but what does it really mean? Well, for starters, it varies from person to person. What works for one person might not work for another, but as long as you keep trying until you figure out... [read more]

Try A New Spot – The Surly Mermaid Deli

If you're from the south, then you've experienced your fair share of restaurants. You've probably tried every type of food known to man. However, also because you live in the south, you have probably had every type of collard greens, mashed potato, mac and cheese, and fried chicken that has... [read more]