Food Trends You Will Want To Keep Up With

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It can be said that food trends have been a part of our culture from the beginning of time. From Poke bowls to quinoa, these trends can pop up out of nowhere, and remain a staple for years depending on their deliciousness. Now with a recent shift toward plant-based foods such as meatless meat, non-dairy milk, and seed butters, many people are becoming much more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies. Let’s take a look at what seems to be all the rage this season.

Collagen Powder

As the general public continues to embark on slowing down the aging process, recipes with collagen powder have found their way into the spotlight for the American foodie. For this, more and more people are turning to bone broth recipes which are a natural way to add more collagen in order to promote joint health.

Coffee Alternatives

Coffee has always been an ever-changing, ever-expanding beverage in the journey to develop the latest drink trends. Now, more people are looking into the benefits of chicory-root, a new coffee substitute that is caffeine-free while also containing a wealth of anti-inflammatory agents and digestion aids. More and more people are also turning to alternative milks such as oat milk, almond milk, and cashew milk to sweeten and lighten their morning beverages.

Influence From Abroad

Thanks to social media and the internet at large, exploring food from other cultures is easier than ever. With bold and unique spices, West African dishes, sweet Filipino desserts, sweets from the Middle East, breakfast items from Kerala, and even traditional Macedonian recipes have made their way into the spotlight.

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Only Organic For Fido

People are starting to take their pets’ diets more seriously as we move through 2020. At the moment, many dog cakes have become popular with reputable bakeries and delis now serving four-legged-friendly treats on the menu. Many pet parents are also beginning to switch their pets’ diets to organic fruits, vegetables, and meats through subscription services and good old home-cooking alike.

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