Easy DIY Crafts You Will Fall In Love With

Mini pumpkins and a tealight candle for fall decor

There’s just something about fall that puts people in a crafting frame of mind. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your front porch with painted pumpkins or bring autumnal appeal to your dining room table, there are tons of DIY activities that will help you deck out your home with fall flair. We’ll get you started with a few simple ideas from Better Homes & Gardens.

Cozy Sweater Vases

Warm up your decor with plain vases that get new life wrapped in old sweaters! Cut off the sleeves of unused, outgrown, or thrift-store sweaters, stretch them over cylindrical vases, and secure the ends inside the rim of the vase with tape. Placed on a mantel or table and filled with fall-colored leaves and branches, these cute crafts bring instant fall appeal to any room in your house.

Fresh DIY Fall Decor

Hollow out small pumpkins and other assorted gourds and fill them with fall foliage for an eye-catching floral centerpiece worthy of all your effort. Place them on a galvanized metal cake stand to display and wait for the oohs and aahs to start rolling in.

Fall Farmhouse Wreath

Purchase a simple grapevine wreath from a crafts store and transform it into a beautiful adornment for your front door. All it takes is a few faux leaves and flowers and a big burlap bow. Grab some florist’s wire and your trusty hot glue gun and design your perfect wreath for far less than you’d pay for a pre-made one.

Temporary Tattoo Pumpkin

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin. But if you’re looking for a simple way to adorn yours without the muss and fuss of painting or carving, this craft is the way to go. Gather temporary tattoos in a few pretty designs and adhere them to your pumpkin with a little bit of water. The effect looks hand-painted but takes a lot less time and artistic talent! Use faux pumpkins to make these re-usable masterpieces.

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Thankful Tree Decoration

This is the perfect time to reflect on all the things you have to be grateful for. This craft will help your whole family do that. Take an intricate, interesting tree branch and spray paint it white. Fill a vase with acorns, nuts, or pebbles and insert the branch into the vase. Then cut out leaf shapes from construction paper, punch a hole at the top of each to insert a ribbon, write messages of gratitude, and hang them on your mini tree. Keep a supply of the paper leaves and a marker nearby so your family can add their own messages of thanks.

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