Get The Most Out Of Your Nissan Vehicle

Nissan logo on grilleNissan has taken great strides to enhance the driving experience through the integration of the Nissan owner’s portal, MyNissan Mobile, and NissanConnect. You can access your owner’s manual, limited warranty, extended plans, and recall information online and through a mobile app 24/7, and Nissan provides owners with access to all of these features and more at

Nissan Owner’s Portal

Nissan has developed an online portal for Nissan owners to access important up to date information about their Nissan. To login, you must first create an account using your vehicle’s VIN number and current residence. The MyNissan Owner portal acts as your vehicle’s “homepage” and is the ultimate resource library for your new Nissan. In the portal, you can access your owner’s manual, manage your NissanConnect and NissanConnect EV services, shop for accessories, view warranty information, scheduled service visits, and so much more.    

MyNissan Mobile App

Take your Nissan ownership experience to the next level with the MyNissan Mobile App. The MyNissan app allows you to keep track of your Nissan on the go and schedule service visits, find quick guide tutorials and notify roadside assistance in case of an emergency. To get started, simply download the app through the Apple app store or Google Play, login, and enter your vehicle’s VIN number. Within minutes, you can keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance history and scroll through a library of vehicle-specific quick guide videos. Keep reading to learn more about the MyNissan app and how using it can enhance your Nissan ownership and driving experience.  


Tap into the full potential of your Nissan with NissanConnect. Nissan’s innovative new technology interface adds massive value to the Nissan ownership experience with a series of entertainment and remote connectivity features including: 

  • Security / Emergency Response Services  
  • Remote Battery Charging for Leaf through NissanConnect EV
  • Sirius XM
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Access    
  • Voice-Activated Technology 
  • Android Auto 
  • Upgraded Navigation System  

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