Get The Most Out Of NissanConnect

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Today’s drivers have high expectations when it comes to in-car technology. Nissan has answered the challenge with its user-friendly, intuitive infotainment system called NissanConnect. Designed to corral all of your Nissan’s most useful features into one easy-to-use interface, this system keeps control safely and conveniently at your fingertips. Keep reading to learn more about some of NissanConnect’s impressive highlights.

Connectivity and Entertainment

Keeping everyone onboard your vehicle happily occupied is the key to enjoying every road trip and commute. NissanConnect makes it simple to connect favorite audio features, games, and podcasts to your car through seamless smartphone integration. Pair your device to your Nissan to enjoy Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration and Internet access through a Wi-Fi hotspot. SiriusXM satellite radio and HD Radio give you even more entertainment options so you can enjoy your favorite road tunes or talk radio shows while you’re on the go. Best of all, NissanConnect makes controlling these systems simple and intuitive, allowing you to keep your attention safely on the road ahead instead of fumbling for knobs and buttons.

NissanConnect Services

NissanConnect Services gives you remote access to your Nissan so you can take care of things that will bring you peace of mind as well as comfort and convenience. Lock up from a distance if you think you may have forgotten, or get your Nissan warmed up before you hop in for your morning commute. This is all made possible via a compatible smart device with NissanConnect Services enabled.

Smart Navigation

Getting where you need to go without stress or hassle is a no-brainer in a vehicle equipped with Nissan Door to Door Navigation. Turn-by-turn directions will keep you on the right track from the moment you pull out of your driveway until the moment you park at your destination. The NissanConnect navigation system will ensure that the maps you’re accessing are always accurate by providing complimentary map updates.

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