Oreo Pops – An Easy Dessert To Make With The Kids

Father and daughter cooking together

This season, there’s probably a lot going on in your kitchen. And if you have curious kids who want to be a part of the action, you might find yourself dodging small people underfoot as you tackle your holiday baking. It’s not an easy juggling routine. Instead of sending them on their way, consider a fun and tasty way to involve them! Simple, kid-friendly recipes like Oreo Pops are a great way to keep little hands busy being helpful. And as a bonus, the whole family will love the delicious results of their labor! Keep reading for a fun and easy dessert you can make with your kids.

Oreo Cookie Pops

If you’ve ever made cake pops, you have the general idea of what inspired these cute and tasty cookie pops. And these are arguably even easier than their cake-based counterparts – no crushing, mixing, or forming required! Perhaps best of all, you’ll only need a few ingredients to create colorful cookies on a stick that will be a hit for your whole family.

What You’ll Need

All this recipe requires is a package of chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo), melted white chocolate, and your choice of sprinkles, plus lollipop sticks for each pop you plan to make. The method is equally simple, making it a perfect way to include even young children in the fun. Assign them a task and let them take ownership of twisting cookies apart, placing lollipop sticks, or adding sprinkles.

Separate the two halves of each sandwich cookie to expose the cream-filled center, dip a lollipop stick into melted white chocolate, and press it onto one half of the Oreo. Place the other cookie half on top and allow the chocolate to set. Once it has, dip the cookie completely into melted white chocolate and decorate with sprinkles as desired. Place the finished cookie pops onto parchment paper-lined baking sheets until the chocolate hardens – and enjoy!

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