Clean Your Closet For The New Year

Sweaters and shirts hanging in a closet

As you gear up to usher out one year and welcome in a new one, it’s the perfect time to take stock of things in your life that may need some decluttering. One common offender: the closet. Even the most organized person needs to do the occasional closet overhaul. When new clothes and old ones are vying for space on the same rack, or when it takes a good five minutes to find a matching pair of shoes, you know the time has come. Not only will this pre-New Year closet cleanse help you embrace a fresh start, it can also help you save precious time on hectic weekday mornings. Imagine a year filled with days you can press the Snooze button one more time. Keep reading below for some helpful tips on taming your closet disarray.

Make a Donation Pile

As you go through your clothing piece by piece, you’ll probably stumble upon some things you just don’t wear any longer. If these items are still in good condition, with no holes or stains, toss them in a pile to be donated to a shelter or thrift shop. If something isn’t fit to donate, you might want to repurpose it into cleaning cloths instead of just throwing it away.

Decide What to Keep

Make sure everything you hang on to has a place in your life. Do you like the way you feel in it? Is it high-maintenance, requiring a trip to the dry cleaners or a dedicated ironing session? (If so, ask yourself if the piece is worth the extra effort.)

Organize Your Hanging Rack

Divide your clothes into categories to simplify your morning routine. Separate items by type and color for a streamlined selection, and make sure everything is hanging in the same direction so you can clearly see what you’re working with. Nonslip hangers are essential.

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Make Use of Bins and Shelves

If your hanging bar is getting a little crowded, you can corral bulkier items like sweaters onto shelves. Just fold and stack them neatly. Bins can hold smaller items like underwear, socks, and scarves or other accessories. Invest in a shoe organizer and keep them sorted on the floor of your closet, ready to grab a matching pair when you need it.

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