Bring Takeout To Your Table Without Leaving

Fried Rice with shrimp and roast pork in a wok.

If you’ve been craving Japanese takeout, you don’t have to call out for dinner. You can recreate all those fantastic flavors in your own kitchen! Try out these easy Japanese recipes, then set your table with these starters and sides:

Miso Soup

For starters, try out a popular appetizer like miso soup. Hot, flavorful, and fragrant, this recipe by Kitchn uses tofu for a vegetarian preparation, but you can swap out the tofu for meat if you prefer. Either way, the savory broth will soak up the brightness of chopped green onions and earthy shitake mushrooms. Remember that the soup is best enjoyed as soon as it’s done, as the ingredients can separate if they sit too long.

Fried Rice

A favorites side fit for a wide range of meals, hibachi-style fried rice only requires a few ingredients, and you can build on its versatile flavor base in a variety of ways. You’ll need chopped carrots, an egg, peas, and onion along with your long-grain rice, as well as canola oil for frying it all. A hot pan will do the trick, but you can get incredible results if you happen to have a wok in your kitchen.  While you’re cooking, you can also experiment with other ingredients like mushrooms or leek for new flavor combinations.

Yum Yum Sauce

From succulent seafood to hearty steak, a drizzle of yum yum sauce brings a Japanese restaurant experience right to your own dinner table. This lightly-pink sauce is built on a mayonnaise base, and while some restaurants add ketchup, you can avoid the added sugar by using tomato paste. This will allow you to sweeten the sauce to taste. Garlic and onion powder make the mix more robust, while smoked paprika adds a slight kick. You can even add hot sauce or cayenne for extra heat. Once you’ve mixed everything together, let it cool in the fridge overnight to settle. Whatever you use it for, be sure to save some sauce to mix with your fried rice.

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