Food Trends To Try In 2021

A breakfast bagel with bacon, egg and cheese.

At this point in 2021, you’re probably up to date on all of the year’s biggest trends. You’re wearing the latest styles, using the latest apps, decorating your home with the latest decor, but are you eating the latest foods? Yes, food trends are at an all-time high, and there are a few we want to share with you! Keep reading to learn all about it, and then maybe do a quick update to your grocery list afterward.

Spicy Everything

Can you handle spicy foods? If you can, then you’ll fall right in line with this trend. Spicy sauces are all the rage and for good reason. One of the hottest products right now (literally!) is hot honey. This delectably sweet sauce adds a kick to anything. We love to put it on fresh biscuits in the morning. Yum!

Adding some spice in the form of a sauce is an easy way to enhance the flavor of your food without a ton of effort. Other notable sauces include piri piri sauce and Sriracha.

The Most Important Meal

You’ve heard it your whole life; “Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day.” Well, it’s true, and if you’re used to cold cereal or a protein bar, then you are not with the trends. It’s time you invest in a hot meal to start the day. It’ll put a smile on your face and some protein in your belly. Here’s what you should try next: an omelet, pancake stack, breakfast sandwich, or egg bites. Anything you like, just make sure you’re full and happy to start off your day.

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Whether it’s a preference or an allergy, it doesn’t’ have to be difficult to ditch beef, pork, and poultry (if you want to). Experimenting with alternative ways to find protein is a trend that has sparked recently, and has led many to buy whole grains, beans, and other plant-based options. There are so many options and recipes out there if you’re interested. There will be lots of veggie burgers consumed in 2021!

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