Add A Personal Touch To Your Nissan Altima

2021 Nissan Altima

It’s no secret the Nissan Altima is an American dream ride, between the luxury, speed, and practicality, the price is simply a steal. While the sedan’s standard features are generous, everyone needs something unique incorporated into their ride. When purchasing your new Nissan Altima, make sure to ask the dealership about these bold personal touches, ensuring the Altima looks, feels, and drives just the way you like it. You can only find these upgrades within the manufacturer, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your ride.

17” Aluminum-Alloy Wheels

Nothing says big and bad like some Nissan aluminum wheels. With a touch of luxury, these wheels make a statement on the road, especially with the five-spoke design and lug nuts. Available as a set of four, you’ll be seen on the road from miles away with these deluxe, show-stopper wheels.

All-Season Floor Mats

Let’s be honest, the brutal winters, extreme summers, and sandy beach vacations can do a number on your vehicle. While maintaining your exterior may seem like a never-ending task, the all-season floor mats will make the clean-up process simpler. Say goodbye to musty and messy damaged exterior carpet, and hello to clean floors with just a quick shake. Including a grommet hole and hook system, as well as a gripping-material bottom, these mats will pick up the mess, so you don’t have to.

Chrome Accents All-Around

Nothing quite says luxury like decking out your ride in chrome from front to back. While the chrome looks nice, it also protects your Altima. For example, the chrome rear bumper protector prevents scratches and scuffs while loading cargo into the spacious trunk. Also, the chrome side moldings are sure to add some style and flair to your daily commute, making sure every driver on the road turns their head in awe.

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Everyday Practicality

Packing your groceries in the trunk can get messy, especially when sauces or produce sludge around in the back. Messes will be no more with the shopping bag hooks, which are easily retractable when not in use. Also, every driver needs to keep a first-aid kit, emergency road-kit, and family travel clean-up kit in their trunk, so be sure to grab one of each from Nissan, as no detail was missed. Speaking of the trunk, the all-season trunk area protector and portable trunk organizer will ensure every item has a compartment.

Now that you see what the Nissan Altima is truly capable of, come see us at Walt Massey Nissan in Andalusia, Alabama. After all, the best way to confirm the Altima is the ride for you is with a test drive. Our team will be eagerly waiting on you, keys in hand.

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