Car Care Tips For Your Older Vehicle

Driver taking tire pressure on a sunny day

If your older model is still kicking it, there’s nothing wrong with driving it until it’s no good. Although, it’s no secret older vehicles require much more maintenance. Whether you’ve been driving your beater for over ten years, or you’re looking to make your ride last you for ten more, follow these maintenance tips to keep your old vehicle running well. While there are many components to pay attention to when you’re driving an older vehicle, here are a few to start with.

Check Out the Braking System

Don’t wait to have your brakes serviced until you hear that horrible screeching noise. After all, it’s all about being proactive. If you have brake fluid leaking or your brake pads are worn out, you are due for a repair. Having properly working brakes is essential to your safety on the road, so don’t hesitate to have a technician check them out.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Besides checking the tire pressure, make sure you are routinely having your tires rotated. If you don’t, they will wear down faster and decrease your fuel efficiency. If you aren’t sure what the proper degree of pressure is, your owner’s manual should give you an optimal range.

Care For Your Battery

Every once in a while your vehicle needs a deep clean, so let’s start with your battery. By mixing water and baking soda, and using it to clean your engine, you can prevent cracks and corrosion for built-up chemicals. Also, check the cables for rust.

Check the Coolant Levels

It’s also extremely important to keep the coolant levels full. Not only does antifreeze cool down your engine, but it can prevent damage from foaming or corrosion.

Fill up the Fluids

Oil changes are a given, as it lubricates your engine, protecting both you and your vehicle from an expensive repair. Although, don’t forget to pay attention to your transmission fluid as well. Both oil and transmission filters need to be promptly replaced.

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