5 Tips To Get Your Road Trip Going

Family excited and taking selfie before road trip

Family excited and taking selfie before road trip

Summertime is here, so it’s time to sit back, relax, and plan a well-earned vacation. While some of the best memories are made on road trips, avoid spending the money to hop on a plane and start driving to your destination. Although, before you gather the family, pack up the car, and put the car in drive, check out these tips for a successful road trip.

Prepare Your Vehicle

If you want to get from point A to point B without any bumps in the road, you must first prepare your vehicle. Take your ride for that oil change you’ve been putting off, check the tire pressure, and refill any wiper fluids or lights. At least a month before you take off for adventure, start taking inventory of what your vehicle needs to guide you through vacay.

Prepare Yourself and Family

Although road trips are a blast, it’s no secret being in the car for long periods of time can be quite exhausting. The way best to prepare yourself is to be prepared. For example, pack your ride with emergency snacks and water, a first aid kit, blankets and pillows for naps, and waterproof matches. While you never want to plan for the worst, a first aid kit and jumper cables will also come in handy, whether it’s a man down or car battery down.

Check on Your Reservations

Picture this: you’ve reached your destination, but your hotel doesn’t have your reservation! There’s nothing worse than that scenario. A week before you start driving,  begin following up with your travel agent or hotels directly. Whether you’re planning a relaxing beach trip, visiting a historical area, or making the drive to attend a concert, you’ll want to ensure you’re staying in a central location for all of the fun. Better yet — some hotels offer special discounts if you’re traveling in a large group. Also, see when you can check in and out of your place.

Consider Fuel Efficiency

Many miles require lots of gas, so conserve the pricy gasoline the best way you can. First, tone down your acceleration, as even 15 seconds can save you 30% on gasoline. Also, you probably haven’t heard this one, but fill up your tank at the coolest temperature of the day, as the gasoline is denser in cooler climates. Remove items from your car that weigh it down, and avoid rocky road conditions, which slice your fuel efficiency.

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Stay Alert and Safe

Your top priority should be keeping the driver and passengers safe, so do so by scanning the road for hazards, taking breaks to rest your eyes, and sharing driving responsibilities if you can.

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