Top Tips For Grilling Fruits

Grilled peaches served with mint

Grilled peaches served with mint

Do you love grilled fruit, but it never tastes quite right when you prepare it? Without the proper technique, your fruit can end up burned or mushy, so you have to throw it away instead of eating it. Check out some simple tips for grilling fruit perfectly each time.

Start by Selecting the Right Fruit

Do you tend to choose perfectly ripe fruit for grilling? While ripe fruit is delicious when eaten as is, it’ll turn to mush on the grill. The trick is to select fruit that’s close to being fully ripe but isn’t quite there. Squeeze the fruit before purchasing it to evaluate its firmness. If it’s slightly firmer than you usually buy, it’s ideal for grilling.

Cut the Fruit Into Large Pieces

If you cut fruit into small pieces, you could run into two problems when grilling it. First, it could become mushy. Second, it might fall through the bars unless you’re using a grill pan. Cut the fruit into large pieces to avoid both problems.

Don’t Cut Bananas, Though

While you want to cut the rest of the fruit, keep the bananas intact. You shouldn’t even peel them before grilling. The heat will seep through the peel and cook the bananas to perfection. Then you can remove the peel and enjoy the delectable flavor.

Brush the Fruit With Oil or Butter

Your fruit will taste great when you brush it with oil or butter before cooking. If you go with oil, choose a neutral oil recommended for high heat cooking. For example, grapeseed and safflower oil both work well. If you don’t want to use oil, you can melt unsalted butter and brush it on the fruit instead.

Grill the Fruit

Once you prepare your fruit, you’ll be ready to grill it. This part takes some restraint. If you’re like most people, you like to move the fruit around when it’s grilling. The fruit needs ample time to sear, though, so don’t move it. Instead, turn the grill to high heat and leave the fruit undisturbed for three minutes. Then you can finally flip it. Let the fruit cook for another one to three minutes after flipping, leaving it undisturbed once again. Then, when you remove it from the grill, it will have those coveted grill marks that make it look professionally prepared.

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Choose the Perfect Pairing

Your grilled fruit will taste even better if you pair it with the right food. Pork chops and chicken both taste amazing with grilled peaches. With bananas, you can’t beat adding them to your favorite ice cream. Step outside of the box and try unusual pairings. You might find a new favorite.

You can’t go wrong if you follow these grilling tips. Your fruit will be seared and cooked perfectly, so you’ll be ready to dig into the delicious flavor.

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