Drive Confidently With Nissan Safety Shield

Driver hand fastening seatbelt in a car

Nissan’s Safety Shield ensures every driver and their passengers are protected from every angle out on the road. Whether the danger is coming from the front, on the side, or from behind, proud Nissan owners can drive with confidence knowing they are out of danger at the full 360. Including six Nissan Intelligent Mobility features, it’s hard for other automakers to compete with such secure vehicles like Nissan’s 2021 and 2022 Versa, 2021 Sentra, 2021 Altima, 2021 Rogue, 2022 Pathfinder, 2021 Titan, and more.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

While you should always keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, as driver’s, you don’t always see everything coming. If your Nissan detects a pedestrian approaching your vehicle, it will not only automatically brake, but it will also send you warnings and push the brakes to avoid collisions.

High Beam Assist

Do you find yourself on the road late at night? High Beam Assist does the work for you, as you can drive with your brights on, and when a vehicle is approaching, they will automatically shut off. Not only does this feature keep you safe, but it works to keep other drivers on the road safe to ensure optimal night vision.

Blind Spot Warning

Need some assistance when changing lanes? Nissan looks out for what you can’t see when behind the wheel. Blind Spot Warning will alert the driver with a noise if they are moving lanes when a vehicle is close. They go the extra mile to ensure the coast is clear!

Lane Departure Warning

If you are veering over into the next lane without knowing it, the Lane Departure Warning will send you a warning.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

We’ve all been there — you are backing out of your parking spot, and have a collision because the car behind you was also backing up. Avoid this headache with Nissan’s Rear Cross Traffic-Alert. This feature sends you an alert when a vehicle is detected.

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Rear Automatic Braking

If you don’t hit the brakes, your Nissan will for you. Rear Automatic Braking will keep a lookout for collisions. If a vehicle is coming your way, and you don’t brake, your vehicle will for you. This avoids a collision all together or decreases dangerous impact.

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