Search For New Adventures Around Andalusia, AL

young girls pointing at python in terrarium

Your next adventure awaits in Andalusia! No matter what interests you have, Andalusia has something for everyone to jump outside of their comfort zone, be bold, and build new experiences. Find a new quest to create memories and venture into the unknown.

Ozark Travel Park

What is better than camping with your family? Hiking and swimming during the day, and roasting s’mores over the campfire at night with all the scenic views of nature is a great adventure the whole family can partake in. A; Although, camping doesn’t have to mean roughin’ it. KOA campsite is fully equipped with water, electricity, cable, and Wi-Fi, making your overnight camping experience enjoyable.


The only problem you will hit in this family fun park is which adventure to hit first! Offering go-carts, bumper boats, batting cages, and mini-golf, what more could a kid ask for? Everyone is sure to be amused at Adventureland.

Water World

Grab your suits and get ready to be refreshed. Why spend the day melting in the southern heat when you could be cooling off at Water World? Grab the kids, some floaties, and get ready to have some fun. Water World has slides, a wave pool, kiddie pools, and a great place to picnic for lunch. So, who’s in?

Rosa Parks Library and Museum

Educational adventures are just as fulfilling as any other activity. Stop by Rosa Parks Library and Museum to learn and interact with important historical events, such as the most famous bus boycott in United States history. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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The Montgomery Zoo

Did you book your flights to the South African Jungle? Your answer is probably no, and that’s okay. There is no need, especially when you can make a quick drive to Montgomery Zoo to see the red kangaroos and alligators. At the zoo, you will meet over 500 different animals and exotic wildlife. Chimps, elephants, and pythons are just a few of the amazing creatures you’ll get to see. If that’s not an adventure, what is?

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