Keep The Kids Busy With Turkey Day Activities

grandmother and granddaughters on Thanksgiving day

The countdown to Thanksgiving has already begun. Whether you are hosting the big get-together or traveling to spend the holiday with family and friends, it’s a busy time for everyone with lots of planning and preparation involved. Keep the kids entertained with these fun and easy crafts.

Keep it Simple

The ‘I’m So Grateful’ coloring sheet isn’t just good for keeping your kids (and adults) busy. It’s also a great reminder of all the reasons they are grateful. For this craft, you will need colored pencils or crayons and the printable coloring sheet. Pro tip: Print the coloring sheet in the black and white version so the kids can color the leaves.

Educational and Fun

This craft is a win for everyone! Not only is it teaching the kids their colors, but they will also love this activity because it involves CANDY. Start by cutting turkey feathers onto craft foam, cardstock paper, or colored paper in the same colors as the candy. Then, arrange the turkey feathers in a semicircle. Lastly, place the candy in a small bowl at the center of the turkey feathers semicircle, and TA-DA! All that’s left is for the kids to match the colors of the candy to the turkey feathers. Now sit back and let the kids have fun while learning their colors and working on their fine motor skills.

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Getting Crafty

Let your kids get crafty with this sponge-painted turkey. Before you get started you will need a few paper plates, paint, sponges, red, brown, and orange paper, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. First, cut the sponge into strips. You will use those to paint the plate. Next, pick the paint colors and pour a small amount of each on a plate. Take the sponge, dab it into the plate alternating the colors until it is covered. While the paint is drying, use the brown, orange, and red paper to cut out the body, beak, and gobbler. Then, glue the body to the bottom of the plate. Finish by gluing the gobbler, beak, and googly eyes to the body.

Whether you need to finish preparing that delicious Thanksgiving feast or need quiet before the hustle and bustle that Thanksgiving brings, we hope you can keep the kids busy and out of the kitchen with one of those fun and easy crafts!

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