Tree Decorating Ideas For All Styles

Family decorating a Christmas tree

No matter what your personal style is, there are so many different ways you can show off who you are with your holiday decorating! Whether you like to go all out with the décor, or if you prefer the subtle minimalist style, here are some tree decorating ideas perfect for all kinds of people!


Even Santa Claus takes vacations! This decorating style really caters to those who love the beach. Cover your tree in seashells and starfish. Use nautical rope as a ribbon replacement. Intertwine it with your typical holiday garland. Hang blue ornaments from a fishing net. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this beachy theme to your holiday decorations. This style is especially perfect for a vacation house!

Candy Land

This decorating style is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Bright colorful ornaments, curly ribbons, and lots and lots of glitter make this delicious holiday decorating style come together. Home décor stores have tons of candy-themed items this year! Turn your home into a real-life gingerbread house by using this candy land decorating style.

24 Karat

Gold is booming in style right now so if you’re one of those people who love the color, its time to head out and grab gold decorations while you can! This style is definitely one that fits those who enjoy the more luxurious things in life. All glitter, all gold, everywhere. Use gold wrapping paper to wrap your presents this year to tie in the decorating style!

Winter Wonderland

Even if you live in a place where snow never falls, you can create your own winter wonderland right inside your own home! Flocked tree and garland, white and silver ornaments, and fake snow can transform your home into an icy palace! You can create your own winter wonderland ornaments by coating pinecones from your backyard with shite spray paint and glitter. This clean decorating style is simple to pull off and looks absolutely gorgeous!

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Candy Cane

Red and white are some of the most popular colors when it comes to holiday décor. Utilize those colors and give your home a minty-fresh look by utilizing this candy cane decorating style. The iconic red and white stripes of the popular holiday candy are adorable and the perfect aesthetic to your holiday home!

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