Cozy Up With A Cup Of Joe At Blue Bird Coffee Company

female barista

female barista

Looking for a new spot to grab your regular morning cup of coffee? Blue Bird Coffee Company is located right in Andalusia. Whether you are on the go or looking for a cozy spot to meet a friend, Blue Bird Company is the perfect spot for a cup of freshly roasted coffee. Supporting local businesses has never been so simple with a wonderful café right around the corner!

Their Story

With Lee and Debbie Williams’s love for restoring old buildings, there is a rich history forever attached to Blue Bird Coffee Company. The historic Payne Building is located at 200 South 3-Notch Street, which was once a bakery, called “Blue Bird Bread”. The name ‘Blue Bird” comes from the original oven exhaust vent that remains on the back wall of the building.

With Debbie’s love for coffee, the idea of a quality-driven, quaint, high-volume coffeehouse bloomed. The Blue Bird Coffee Company serves a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, teas, pastries, along with other local favorites. Blue Bird coffee can also be purchased in 12oz bags if you want to brew it yourself. Designed to be a welcoming and eclectic environment, Blue Bird Coffee Company will soon be your favorite spot too.

Blue Bird Coffee

Blue Bird Coffee Company is not at all secretive about why their coffee is so tasty. Freshly roasted beans in small batches are what makes their specialty coffee so delicious. This local cup of joe is made by a custom-built artisan roaster especially for Blue Bird Coffee Company. With old-world design and modern technology, this machine roasts 32 pounds of coffee an hour!

Blue Bird Coffee Company takes roasting seriously and understands the steps that need to be taken to make quality coffee which is why where they source their coffee is so important. This allows Blue Bird to offer a unique and yummy cup of coffee.

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The roasting process is an extensive one, but it is one of the most important aspects of why Blue Bird Coffee Company has great coffee. The quality sourced green coffee beans are placed into the ‘Bluebird’ steel rotating drum. Next, they are left to rotate at high temperatures until the desired color of roast is reached. Then, they are released into the cooling process. After a few hours, the beans are ready to be ground and brewed or packaged for purchase.

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