Help Your Teenager Drive Safely With These Tips

Teenage boy having driving lesson with male instructor

Teenage boy having driving lesson with male instructor

Your child will always be your little one to you, but the truth is, before you know it, your two-year-old will be turning 10, then 15, and 16, which means it will be time to get behind the wheel. Instead of letting the thought of your child on the road make you anxious, prepare with these safety tips every teenage driver and parent should practice.

For Parents

You might think you know everything there is to know about road safety with decades of driving under your belt, but everyone needs a refresher from time to time. In some states, taking a refresher course is actually required before being able to teach your teen to drive. Who knows, mom or dad might learn a thing or two about driving.

Keeping Calm

Learning to drive can be stressful, especially when your shotgun rider is on edge or yelling at you. Don’t act nervous because your teen will be able to tell, which will affect their confidence. The last thing you want is for your child to be nervous when learning to drive.

Grab a “New Driver” Sign

Drivers all over the road are nothing but impatient. Although, most would take it easier on you if you had a “New Driver” sign. This will also alert them to not drive too closely.

Try New Environments

Once your teenage driver has conquered the neighborhood or parking lot, it’s time to hit the real roads. Driving in different environments is sure to get them road-ready. Drive on main roads and interstates during different times of day.

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Be a Good Role Model

If you wouldn’t want your child speeding, crossing over several lanes, or texting and driving, don’t do it yourself. While you drive, set an example and talk through safety protocols when you encounter certain scenarios. You set the tone!

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