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A few years ago, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up swept through America, and little minimalist quotes could be found everywhere. Now, you can still find envy-worthy Instagram posts and YouTube videos lauding the improvements that choosing a minimalist lifestyle can have. Although, if you’re not quite ready to go full minimalist, you can start decluttering with this guide from Cozy Minimalism. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Prioritize Your Spaces

Thinking about the herculean task of organizing your entire home is a quick path to a feeling of mental exhaustion. So, don’t do it.  According to organization expert Angie, not every space is created equally. Instead, there are three different types of spaces and they should each be handled differently. Those types are:

  • Primary Spaces: These are the spaces that you, your family, and your guest spend the most time in.
  • Secondary Spaces: More personal spaces, less front, and center.
  • Tertiary Spaces:  These spaces serve a functional purpose such as storage but you don’t spend a lot of time in them.

What type of space each room is will be different for each household. Although, once you decide what they are for you, start decluttering your primary spaces first.

Look for the Easy Items

More than likely, there are more than a few primary spaces. For most families, you can include your living room, dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom as primary spaces. Some homes may also have a den that is frequently used. Before you even pick a room to focus on, spend some time looking for easy items to declutter. This will help you build momentum. For example, in the kitchen, start by making a habit of noticing expired food products in your pantry and tossing them out. Do you have 20 throw pillows scattered throughout your living areas? Give some away. Build a habit of identifying things you don’t, use, need, or love and getting rid of them.

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Start with Small Areas

Now that you’ve started to build some decluttering momentum, zoom in on a room. Now zoom in closer. Pick just one small area of the room and work from the outside in. For example, in your kitchen, start with one small countertop. Focus only on organizing the surface. Then move on to the drawer beneath it. Next is the cabinet. Keep organizing one small space at a time until you’ve completed the room and you’re ready to move on to the next one.

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