Freshen Up A Room With These Tips

Refreshed and modernized vintage home decor

If you’re looking for a few ways to spruce up your home décor you’ve come to the right place. We’re going over five quick and easy ideas to freshen up a room that has become dull, dated, or drab.

Change Up the Color Scheme

One easy and dramatic way to change a room is with color. Add a bold color to the walls or change up the color scheme by updating your furniture. Either way, you can give a room a new look in a single day of work. If you opt for adding color to the walls, you don’t have to paint each one. Instead, create an accent wall that will create a focal point and add depth to the room. If you’re a renter, you can opt for a removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper instead of paint and make the refresh process even quicker.

Another way you can add color or freshen up a room is with new or refreshed furniture. You can upgrade a room with brand new furniture that matches your new accent wall. Or, if you’re on a budget try using slipcovers to give old furniture a new look. You can even try just rearranging your furniture to see if a new layout will do the trick.

Add Some Nature to the Room

Adding some greenery is a quick way to give any room a facelift. Plants and flowers can liven up any space. And, if you choose purifying plants like lavender, English Ivy, or Boston Fern, they can even make the air in the room more breathable. If you lack the green thumb necessary to care for plants, choose low-maintenance options like Aloe Vera, Cast Iron Plant, or Lucky Bamboo.


Add wall tapestries, throw pillows, or rugs to add texture and color to the room. Assess your room to see if the problem is an overabundance of white space or the opposite. If what the room needs is a little less character, choose a few accessories you truly love and remove the rest.

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Change the Lighting

How much or how little light permeates a room has a big effect on the mood of a room. You can try moving the lighting you already have or even just opening curtains that you normally keep closed. If neither of those options has the effect you’re going for, try adding a new floor or table lamp.

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