The History Behind Andalusia’s Murals

Covington County Courthouse

As you walk through our town of Andalusia, Al, you’ll notice murals depicting different periods of our history. If you’ve ever wondered about the origins and meanings of these murals take a look at this detailed write-up of each one.  Read on for a brief synopsis of some of our more popular murals.

Covington County Courthouses Mural

Wes Hardin painted the Early Covington County Courthouses Mural on the Clark Cinema building. It depicts five scenes Around the courthouse throughout history.  In the center of the mural, you’ll see the current courthouse. To the left, you’ll notice Lee Olive Gantt and a close friend seated in a buggy. They are just in front of the fourth Covington County courthouse which was completed in 1897. It was located in the center of a square. In the second left-hand scene, you’ll see the third courthouse. A fire eventually destroyed the third courthouse.  On the right is a stable and above it, three young women lounge in front of the courthouse.

Covington County Timber and Logging Mural

Wes Hardin also painted a mural that pays homage to the Covington County logging industry.  The logging industry made up a huge percentage of Covington County’s early growth and development. Many timber companies in the area helped the county become successful. The mural, however, provides the names of three major logging and timber companies. The first is Henderson Lumber Company. Henderson Lumber had two mills near Samford. The second company mentioned is the Horseshoe Lumber Company which had nearly 900 employees during the height of its business. Finally, the third major company was the Dixon company, another major employer of the county. Dixon Lumber Company once had a payroll that exceeded $1,700,000.

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Hank and Audrey

Hank Williams is regarded by many country music fans as the father of the genre. During his time as a performer, he often spent his weekends right here in Andalusia with his friend Don Helms. In 1943 he met his future wife Audrey Sheppard.  They would later get married at an automotive service station. In the mural, Hank and Audrey embrace in front of Wrights  Automotive Services after their marriage was complete.

Walt Massy Nissan

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