Day Trip To The Beach? Leave The Sand There

people holding sandy toes out of vehicle at beach

When you hit the beach, you might enjoy the windswept sand in your toes, but it’s another story when you hop back inside your vehicle. The ride home–and the days that follow–can be quite uncomfortable if you’ve tracked sand into your car, and it can be difficult to remove once it’s in. That’s why it’s best to avoid getting sand in your car in the first place, and these tips can help keep the sand on the beach.

Get Ready

While you’re preparing for your trip down to the coast, take a moment to get your vehicle ready for the excursion. To protect your seats and floorboards, drape some old towels or sheets over anywhere you might track in sand. This will keep those pesky granules from falling down into the seams, grooves, and fibers of your interior, and when you’re back home, all you’ll have to do is take the sheets out and shake them down in your driveway. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a large bag as well, so that you’ll have something to tote sandy gear like shoes in.

Rinse Well

Even if you’ve tried to avoid getting sand on you during your stay at the beach, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all the sand kicked up as you walk, blown by the wind, or accumulated while you relax in the sun. Before you head back to your car, go for a quick swim to wash off any sand that might be on you. If you can find a rinsing station near the parking lot, use it as well to rinse off any more sand that you might have picked up between the shore and the pavement. If you’ve packed a water bottle, you could also use that for a final wash before heading home.

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