Drive Confidently With Nissan Safety Shield

Driver hand fastening seatbelt in a car
Nissan's Safety Shield ensures every driver and their passengers are protected from every angle out on the road. Whether the danger is coming from the front, on the side, or from behind, proud Nissan owners can drive with confidence knowing they are out of danger at the full 360. Including... [read more]

Tips For A Successful School Year

Mother preparing her son for the first day of school
August is in full swing, which means it's that time of year again — school is about to be in session. While the tardy bell may have not rung yet, there are plenty of ways you can help your child prepare for the school year, as well as their teachers.... [read more]

Pro Tips for Fighting Heatwaves

child wearing sunscreen
It’s been sizzling hot this summer, putting people at risk for heat-related illness. Even if you don’t get sick from the heat, you still feel miserable when you’re hot. Fortunately, you can beat the heat this summer by following some tips. Stay Indoors During the Middle of the Day While it’s hot... [read more]

Top Tips For Grilling Fruits

Grilled peaches served with mint
Do you love grilled fruit, but it never tastes quite right when you prepare it? Without the proper technique, your fruit can end up burned or mushy, so you have to throw it away instead of eating it. Check out some simple tips for grilling fruit perfectly each time. Start by... [read more]

Be Prepared For Your Next Road Trip

Kids watching a fun video on a road trip
Summer is here, and that means one thing. It’s time to take a road trip. Before jumping in your car and heading to your destination, you need to grab some essentials. Throw these items into your suitcase or car so you’ll have everything you need for your adventure. Grab Some Sunshine... [read more]

Easy Ideas For Summer Fun

picnic blanket on the grass with flowers, fruits and bread to share. Books are also placed for people to read them
There are plenty of days of summer left, so it's your choice whether you want to spend them at home or live them to the fullest. Kids are stuck behind television screens playing video games while mom and dad are working, so the first day you have off, consider one... [read more]

How To Plan A Backpacking Trip

Senior man trail hiking in a mountain forest
Looking for adventure? Consider backpacking — become unplugged from your everyday world and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Although, planning an excursion that seems to be so carefree does take some complex planning, so follow these five steps for digging deep into the backpacking details so you can... [read more]

6 Methods To Grill Fish

Plank salmon filet on the grill
Dinner tastes better off the grill, and during the summer season, there's nothing more delicous than a piece of protein-filled fish. Not only does this main course mentally take you to your happy place, the beach, but there are so many different kinds, from sea bass to salmon, tilapia, tuna,... [read more]

5 Tips To Get Your Road Trip Going

Family excited and taking selfie before road trip
Summertime is here, so it's time to sit back, relax, and plan a well-earned vacation. While some of the best memories are made on road trips, avoid spending the money to hop on a plane and start driving to your destination. Although, before you gather the family, pack up the... [read more]

Get Swinging At These Andalusia, AL Golf Courses

Man golfing on golf course
Searching for a place to tee off in Andalusia, Alabama? Our city has three courses for golfers at all levels. Evan Barnes Golf Course and Old Pine Golf Course are both nine-hole courses, which are perfect for a short game or warming up your swing before you head on over... [read more]