Small Yard Landscaping Tips For A Big Impact

Small townhouse garden with patio furniture amidst blooming lavender.
Though a big, sprawling yard with plenty of acreage and room to play, grow, and relax would be the dream, that's not always the reality. Whether you're in a townhome with a small yard or stuck with just the balcony of your apartment, you can still create a luscious outdoor... [read more]

Order Takeout From David’s Catfish House

Fried chicken on a buffet bar
Located on East Three Notch Street in Andalusia, Alabama is the beloved David's Catfish House. A small, local franchise offering delectable southern fried eats, this restaurant originated in Monroeville, Alabama. The father and son establishment is known for outstanding customer service and mouthwatering, home-cooked kind of meals, so you don't... [read more]

Car Care Tips For Your Older Vehicle

Driver taking tire pressure on a sunny day
If your older model is still kicking it, there's nothing wrong with driving it until it's no good. Although, it's no secret older vehicles require much more maintenance. Whether you've been driving your beater for over ten years, or you're looking to make your ride last you for ten more,... [read more]

Make-Ahead Desserts That Scream Summer

Father and son have fun baking in the kitchen together.
When you want a sweet, summery dessert that won't keep you in a hot kitchen all day, these recipes should be your go-to! They're easy, delicious, and require minimal time in the oven - win-win! Raspberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars Turn your favorite summery beverage into an equally tasty dessert with this recipe!... [read more]

Top Tips For Indoor Grilling

Father and son grilling burgers indoors together
The expense of outdoor grills, as well as the grimy build-up of springtime pollen that leads to an allergy attack, will make you want to grill indoors. Although, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the delicious smoky and char flavor an outdoor grill often delivers. Use these indoor grilling... [read more]

Flower Crafts To Make For Mom

Young girl smiling with paint on her hands
If you didn't already realize it, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th, so it's time to start planning something special for the lady in your life. While you want to give her a unique gift, that doesn't mean you have to drop a pretty penny. Dad, grab the kids, some... [read more]

Add A Personal Touch To Your Nissan Altima

2021 Nissan Altima
It's no secret the Nissan Altima is an American dream ride, between the luxury, speed, and practicality, the price is simply a steal. While the sedan's standard features are generous, everyone needs something unique incorporated into their ride. When purchasing your new Nissan Altima, make sure to ask the dealership... [read more]

Baking Gluten-Free Bread Step By Step

gluten-free bread made from buckwheat flour on the kitchen table
Those with a gluten, wheat, or soy allergy know how difficult it is to find food to fit their specific dietary needs. Restaurants might have gluten-free options, but when it comes to making a sandwich at home you're pretty much on your own. And the bread you can buy at... [read more]

Car Cleaning Tips To Start The Spring Season

Kids cleaning the interior of the family car
Your lifestyle is so busy, so it can be a challenge to keep your car clean when you're constantly on the go. While driving kids to and from soccer practice, eating meals on the go, and bringing your dog along for adventures is your reality, that doesn't mean you have... [read more]

DIY Board Games In A Pinch

Family enjoying a board game at home
Who doesn't love a little family competition? Sometimes, the same old board games can get a little boring. So, today, we are going to give you four DIY board games to change things up. The best part is they can all be made with household items. Don't let boredom strike... [read more]