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Gobble Up These Leftover Candy Brownies

Blondies cake baking.
It's finally Halloween week! Sunday afternoon, it will be time to dress up the kids in their fright night costume, walk around the neighborhood with friends and family, and say those special "trick-or-treat" words. Once they get home, they'll dump their candy out in the living room and sift through... [read more]

Oreo Pops – An Easy Dessert To Make With The Kids

Father and daughter cooking together
This season, there's probably a lot going on in your kitchen. And if you have curious kids who want to be a part of the action, you might find yourself dodging small people underfoot as you tackle your holiday baking. It's not an easy juggling routine. Instead of sending them... [read more]

Sweet & Scary DIY Candy Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Young woman making Halloween cookies
What’s Halloween without a sugar rush? This year, skip the prepackaged store-bought candy and try something more fun and hands-on. Gather your kids, hit the kitchen, and let everyone help turn out some of these whimsical treats that will become a new Halloween tradition! Cauldron Cake Pops Cauldron Cake Pops make for... [read more]

Try Something New With These Banana Pudding Recipes

Sweet Homemade Banana Pudding
Banana pudding could be considered one of the best recipes the South has ever come up with, without a doubt. This relatively simple, layered, sweet concoction has been around for decades, and throughout the years it has taken on countless variations. That’s why our friends over at Southern Living have... [read more]

Seasonal Recipes To Try At Home

Homemade baked apricot tart on wooden cutting board
You’ve spent so much time at home, and maybe you’ve found a new appreciation for cooking. Maybe you are looking to add more dishes to your repertoire. We found these recipes from Delicious Magazine that are perfect for any dinner. Charred Corn and Chicken Tacos No matter if you have a grill... [read more]